Fine art insurance


No matter if you want to insure your private or company collection, your gallery or exhibitions or if you are in need of insurance for an entire museum: we offer customized solutions for a multitude of matters to the best price possible.

We guarantee insurance coverage in the best way possible and inform you about possible improvements and amendments of your policy regularly.

Our clients are:

  • Art museums
  • Art galleries
  • Galleries
  • Private collections
  • Fine art shipping companies
  • Auctioneers
  • Exhibition organizers and
  • Foundations


We describe insurance coverage in the best way possible as: customized insurance policies on the basis of highest international standard.

In addition to insuring your art inventory and your loans for the purpose of own or third exhibitions, we also offer you extensive transport insurance against all sorts of risks and losses.

We offer flexible solutions of insurance coverage for private collections whether the collection is at home, at a holiday flat, for stay at a restorer or has just been purchased.

For each request we will find a tailored insurance concept for you.

A close consultation by our staff is important to us so that we are able to design the perfect policy that is suitable for your needs.

Within this context we offer:

  • General policies for own stocks, lending, own temporary exhibitions, transports and stays
  • Frame policies without obligation of frequenting and without any base costs, if required you can access it with minimal administrative expenses
  • Single policies (immediate policies), that are valid for a temporary limited exhibition project (also travelling exhibitions) and the respective national and international transports
  • customized coverage concepts (“all risk” concepts, “from nail to nail” insurance)
  • individual negotiated premium conditions
  • extensive consultations to exhibition projects and securing concepts
  • prompt and uncomplicated claims management

Additional services

Our excellent premium conditions and services go far beyond the market standard. We are not only unique because of our products but also because of our broad range of services.

We only work with experienced and specialized insurers, appraisers and experts and cooperate with the leading fine art insurance companies. By negotiating with several insurers we are able to achieve the best coverage possible for you.

We understand the individual requests of our clients as a challenge to constantly develop our offers further and present you, among others, our additional services:

  • issue of certificates or covers of insurance in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese or Russian within 24 hours after receiving the relevant data
  • check other company’s premium invoices for free of lenders that stipulate their own insurance
  • assist in organising exhibition projects and budget planning
  • assist in negotiating with lenders and their insurers
  • support in evaluation of insurance values for your works of art
  • comparison and consultation with regard to state indemnity
  • administrational help

We want you to benefit of more than 25 years of experience that we have in the field of fine art insurance!